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How Exercise And Diet Can Achieve Optimal Results

  "How Exercise And Diet Can Achieve Optimal Results"

What You Get In This BOOK:

Section A – Aiming for Weight Loss
Introduction – Combating the Growing Menace of Obesity
Make the Impossible Possible – Achieve Weight Loss
Set Realistic Goals
Get Started
Eating Your Way to Weight Loss
Love-Your-Food Diet Plan
Get Trim without the Gym – Unveil the Myths
Success Workout
Tone Up With Aerobics
The Tenacity of Yoga
Lose-It-Fast Weight Loss Tips
Section B – Following a Regime for Muscle/ Weight Gain
Introduction – Putting On Mass with Diet and Exercise
Building Muscle – The Four Requirements
Progressive Overload
Caloric Surplus
The Workout Components
The Diet Components
Tips to Build Muscle Fast

Section C – Boosting Sports Performance
Introduction – Fitness and Sport
Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Functional Foods for Optimal Sports Performance
Get Your Muscles Moving
Spell Success with Exercise and Enhance Sports Performance
Things to Remember


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